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The development of renewable energy in Latin America has accelerated in recent years and the trend for the coming decades is the same. And if you are wondering how to keep up with this development? Renewable Monitor has the answer:

What is the Renewable Monitor?

The Renewable Monitor is a tool that helps you expedite your research in renewable energy. The tool was developed in 2012 by Latinoamerica Renovable and it was launched on April 22, 2013, on the occasion of Earth Day.





Who can make good use of the Renewable Monitor?

Entrepreneurs, investors, companies with products and services related to renewable energies, Governments, researchers, teachers, media, consultants, analysts and students. Here you will find hundreds of articles about the financing of renewable energy projects, suppliers of products and services, companies developing renewable energy projects in the region, and much more.

What do I need to run the Renewable Monitor?

A license from Latinoamerica Renovable (ask for your free trial:, Microsoft Excel, and an internet connection.

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